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We are seeking sponsors who will partner with us to host the Girl Walk // All Day Events Series, a series of interactive film screening beginning in November 2011. Each event will be a unique community collaboration, featuring a venue-specific viewing experience that incorporates an array of local vendors and businesses. We want to partner with you to bring our film to cities across America, connecting communities face-to-face in a celebration of movement, music and public space.

The Girl Walk // All Day community has been devoted and fanatic ever since the first footage of the film appeared on the Internet in January 2011. Hundreds of thousands of unique viewers have watched the film’s trailer and the film received $24,817 in contributions from 577 backers on the micro-funding website Kickstarter over a 45-day fundraising period from January - March 2011.

The community is also comprised of:

Thousands more have contacted us directly, asking us to bring Girl Walk // All Day to their towns, and volunteering their time, energy and skills to the film.

We’ve received press coverage from: The New York Times Magazine, Huffington Post, Gothamist, The Atlantic, The NY Daily News, SPIN, The Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Pitchfork, The Hairpin, Laughing Squid, BRIC Community Media, Portable.tv, Flavorwire and hundreds of other publications and blogs.

Girl Walk // All Day engages innovative individuals across industries and unites them in a movement focused around re-connecting face-to-face. We offer partners the flexibility to showcase your products and services to a diverse, tech-savvy, creative audience, and a way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to supporting innovation in film and the re-kindling of community.

Girl Walk // All Day provides many opportunities for sponsors, who will be fully included in live events. Some of the ways Girl Walk // All Day can contribute to our partners’ success:

The Girl Walk // All Day Events Series will consist of dozens of interactive film screenings in at least 10 cities around the United States. Each event will feature some or all of the following:

We have a wide range of sponsorship opportunities available:

All sponsors receive:

We will work together to further customize each of the sponsorship packages. If you are interested in sponsoring Girl Walk // All Day, please contact hi@girlwalkallday.com.