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““Girl Walk//All Day” is a delightful testimony to the power of community and how the sheer joy of one person’s countenance can bring a smile to hundreds of others...If you’re looking for a movie to lift your spirits with some good music to boot, Krupnick’s “Girl Walk//All Day” is a shining achievement of cinematic bliss..."”

The Daily Cardinal / 2012-06-08

“If it's hard to imagine how a film with just three lines of dialogue (and in subtitles, no less) could leave you smiling so much your jaw hurts, then you haven't seen "Girl Walk // All Day."”

CNET / 2012-03-29

“A feature-length dance through the streets (and ferries, bridges and parks) of New York City, the ebullient Girl Walk // All Day treats joy and physical self-expression like acts of happy civil disobedience. Commercial prospects are complicated, but anyone who can watch it without ever breaking into a full-toothed smile should consider medication.”

The Hollywood Reporter / 2012-03-15

“...whether you call this a film or a church service, the nonactor casting, editing, direction, and cinematography are just a handful of mature production elements at work here. Never has an audience-financed love letter to New York's urbanscape been photographed more wistfully. ”

Austin Chronicle / 2012-03-14

“Girl Walk // All Day is a film for everyone who caught themselves dancing in public to the music in their headphones and just didn’t care. It’s also a piece of visual art painted with the colors of New York City, where the residents don’t even blink when a goofy girl in a windbreaker starts dancing like a crazy person right through a park in broad daylight.”

Wired Magazine / Underwired / 2012-03-09

“Filmmaker Jacob Krupnick did not set out to send New York a buoyant love letter, but that's exactly how his infectious 70-minute dance documentary, "Girl Walk // All Day," turned out.”

SF Chronicle / 2012-02-19

“Girl Walk // All Day is much more than a long-form video; it is a must-see event that reawakens the joy of being alive.”

Examiner.com / 2012-02-03

“Girl Talk's Gregg Gillis is great at getting people to dance, as anyone who's been to one of his shows can tell you. But we've never seen Girl Talk's ability to get people to dance displayed quite like this.”

Pitchfork / 2011-11-30

“...it’s a study in how people interact in public spaces. It taps into the urge everyone has to break out in an ordinary setting — to take our private dances public. ”

New York Times / 2011-12-06

“It’s a love letter like none other to the city that never sleeps.”

CBS Morning Show / 2011-12-04

“Krupnick, the 28-year-old creative mind behind Internet sensation “Girl Walk,” is using the city of New York as his backdrop for one of the most far-reaching, aspirational music videos yet.”

NY Daily News / 2011-12-01

“If you see one movie this year, this should be the one. It’s a love letter to NYC and will get you dancing. Trust me. ”

Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swissmiss) / 2011-11-28

“It is no surprise that people go nuts for the trailer. It is weird and joyous, popping with youth and energy...It’s not until a minute or so in, as she twirls and gyrates through the ferry’s upper level, staring down the camera with a sly smile on her face as sleepy commuters pretend not to notice, that you start to suspect that you’re watching something more than a little magical.”

New York Times Magazine / 2011-03-04

“ Like Girl Talk’s music, it’s a joy bomb—more a mood-altering substance than an actual movie.”

The L Magazine / 2012-01-04

“I can't get over what a passionate, powerful, touching piece of art Girl Walk // All Day is.”

@jessiarrington (Co-Founder, WORKSHOP) / 2011-10-13

“When a video of an ebullient dancing girl in a funky jacket hit the Internet last January, it immediately struck a nerve. Billed as "a music video of epic proportions," that eight-minute clip of a ballerina gone rogue on the streets of New York was merely a teaser of what was to come. Nearly a year later, director Jacob Krupnick’s vision of creating a feature-length music video has been realized with Girl Walk // All Day, which was released in installments on Gothamist.com and in full at an event yesterday in Brooklyn.”

Fast Company / 2011-12-09

“Spent one of the best hours of my life watching Girl Walk // All Day, a group of people dance around the city like free spirits. Inspiring.”

@cadler (Co-Founder, Kickstarter) / 2011-10-13

“Bill Cunningham makes a random cameo in Girl Walk. Amazing. I've had a smile on my face for this entire film.”

@jasonsantamaria (Creative Director, Typekit) / 2011-10-12

“...it's just the kind of tune to shake your butt to... So kick back, click on, and enjoy all the stares as you try to keep from dancing.”

Huffington Post Canada / 2011-12-01

“...the real star of the night of Kickstarter clips was a teaser from “Girl Walk // All Day,” a feature-length dance video with choreography matched up to the latest Girl Talk album. The rooftop screening ended with the dance film coming to life, with dancers from the production performing onthe Rooftop venue’s fire escapes and stairways.”

indieWIRE / 2011-07-11

“The trailer gained fame on the internet in January and is well on its way to earning nearly triple the original budget through donations on the website Kickstarter”

Salon / 2011-03-04

“The Staten Island Ferry is the unlikely setting of an insanely magical dance video.”

The Huffington Post / 2011-01-12

“When I watched the video for Girl Walk // All Day, I twitched in my office chair a little bit and thought about all the times I wished I was the kind of person who danced on the subway platform when a good song came on my iPod.”

The Kickstarter Blog / 2011-02-15

“If you've ever wondered how fun and sexy the Staten Island Ferry could get, we have an answer.”

The Village Voice / 2011-01-14