// Cast and Crew

Shari Rosenblatt, Linda Fingerson, Deborah Blau


The trio that comprises "Lana LaRue and Her Boomer Revue" usually strut their middle-aged stuff on the burlesque stage. Here, they debut as the Flower Girls of Girl Walk // All Day. "Lana" (aka Shari Rosenblatt) started kicking it up in the womb when her parents won a swing contest and she's been dancing ever since. "Second Hand Rose" (aka Deborah Blau) has been dancing since her nanny said "Dance, shugah, dance." "Misslip" (aka Linda Fingerson) is a consumate musician and bell ringer. A woman of dionysian dimension and intention, the ladies of the troupe like to call her their "very own wood nymph."


Director + Cinematographer | Jacob Krupnick
2nd Camera | Sam Petersson
Managing Producer | Youngna Park
Production Assistant | Paolo Avenati
Additional Camerawork | Alex Berg, Bryan Ridgell
Poster + Identity Design | Kelli Anderson
Website Design | Casey Gollan
Web Development | David Yee
Intern | Emily Pfeffer

Girl Walk // All Day is a production by Wild Combination