// Cast and Crew

John Doyle

The Creep

When John Doyle was still in the womb, his mother was a member of an Afro-Latin dance group based out of Northern California. Fast forward a few years, and you'd have seen John's mom dragging him out of bed late at night to watch Michael Jackson on MTV, moving to Smooth Criminal. One day, John hopes to choreograph an epic performance to the song Rhythm is a Dancer for the MET Costume Gala. He's also looking forward to the day, years from now, when his kids watch Girl Walk // All Day and think he's hecka tight. Reflecting on that thought, he says, "it's an amazing honor to have someone document where you are in dance at a particular moment, and to have that in perpetuity."


Director + Cinematographer | Jacob Krupnick
2nd Camera | Sam Petersson
Managing Producer | Youngna Park
Production Assistant | Paolo Avenati
Additional Camerawork | Alex Berg, Bryan Ridgell
Poster + Identity Design | Kelli Anderson
Website Design | Casey Gollan
Web Development | David Yee
Intern | Emily Pfeffer

Girl Walk // All Day is a production by Wild Combination