// Cast and Crew

Beat Club

The Crew

Lead by Eric Samson, the Monmouth, New Jersey-based Beat Club Crew focuses on the pure forms of Hip Hop, using their creativity for expressing themselves in a positive way. Original Hip Hop was about peace, love, and understanding; Beat Club dances with those beliefs in mind. The dancers study hip-hop forms from the 70s to the present day, including: b-boy/b-girl, locking, house, popping, waacking, vogue, new jack swing, and street jazz industry styles.


Director + Cinematographer | Jacob Krupnick
2nd Camera | Sam Petersson
Managing Producer | Youngna Park
Production Assistant | Paolo Avenati
Additional Camerawork | Alex Berg, Bryan Ridgell
Poster + Identity Design | Kelli Anderson
Website Design | Casey Gollan
Web Development | David Yee
Intern | Emily Pfeffer

Girl Walk // All Day is a production by Wild Combination