// Cast and Crew

Alyssa Chloe


Alyssa is a dancer, performer, and instructor whose passion has led her to become one of the most diverse dancers on the NYC dance scene. Her fascination with urban dance propelled her move to New York City, where she was introduced to a form from the underground dance scene in Los Angeles referred to as “posing/ punking/waacking”. Alyssa has studied under Ana “Lollipop ” Sanchez and underground dance pioneer, Archie Burnett, among others, and is sought after for her unique approach and interpretation of this style.


Director + Cinematographer | Jacob Krupnick
2nd Camera | Sam Petersson
Managing Producer | Youngna Park
Production Assistant | Paolo Avenati
Additional Camerawork | Alex Berg, Bryan Ridgell
Poster + Identity Design | Kelli Anderson
Website Design | Casey Gollan
Web Development | David Yee
Intern | Emily Pfeffer

Girl Walk // All Day is a production by Wild Combination